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Happy easter

Happy easter for all of you!

I just came back from brunch~



aaahhhh he's back *_*

Einkaufsliste :D



I fucking want them all ;_;




unfortunately i can't handle wearing tights without killing them in 5 minutes. i don't own one without a hole or a run. but if i could i would definitly buy hundreds of these cool tights :D
click for super cool tights
i really like these:

and i have seen the new collection of sonya rykiel. way better than the last one. there is some pretty cute stuff but i am broke ;_;
and i am not only broke i also catched a cold. today i had to call boss and he said ok stay at home. and now i am on the couch and no ones here(okay nipler and his little friend) and it is fucking boring. what are you doing when you are bored and sick? i can't stand german tv because it's stupid~
so i cleaned my handy store an here are some pictures i wanted to post for such a long time
c-c-c-cutCollapse )

sweet machinery

sorry cut is not working -.-

stolen from chrissi-chan ^^

1. When did you get up today?


2. Diamonds or Pearls?

3. What was the last film you've seen in the cinema?
up and away 3D

4. What's your favourite TV-series?
big bang theory

5. What do you normally eat for breakfast?
toast with something and fruity tea

6. What is your full name?
melissa sarah pai chen l.

7. What food can't you stand at all?
any meal with curry(except the soup from my mum)

8. What's your favourite CD?
shiina ringo- sakuran OST

9. Which car do you drive?
no drivers licence -.-

10. Favourite sandwich?
italian ham and cheese

11. Which characteristics don't you like?

12. Your favourite clothing article?

13 . If you could fly anywhere in the world, where would you go to?

14. Favourite clothing brand?
angelic pretty

15 . Where would you want to live when you're retired?
germany, berlin or warnemünde(it is retiree paradise)

16. Which of your birthdays can you remember?
20, 19, 18, 14, 10

17. Which sports do you like to watch?
ice skating, standard dance

18. Furthest place you are sending this to?
don't know ^^'

19. Which person will post it in their blog first?
don't know 2

20. Are you a morning person or a night person?
11% night

21. What is your shoe size?

22. Pets?
nipler the superdog!

23. Anything new, exciting, that you have to tell us?

24. How are you?
tired from work

25. What is your favourite snack?
chocolate and jelly-stuff~

26. Favourite flower?
white lilies

27. What day on calendar are you looking forward to already?
there is a party but i forgot on which day~

28. What do you hear at the moment?
fantastic plastic machine-electric ladyland

29. What was the last thing you ate?
mozzarella-tomato toast

30. Do you make a wish when you see a shooting star?
yes of course and 3 times hand clapping

31. What's the weather like?
super fucked up snowy

32. Last person you were on the phone to?

33. Favourite drinks?
passionfruit juice with mango sirup

34. Real hair colour?
dark brown

35. What was your favourite toy as a kid?

36. Summer or winter?

37. Kissing or hugging?

38. Chocolate or vanilla?

39. Coffee or tea?
tea but sometimes i like coffee~

40. Would you wish that your friends would also post this?
i bet they will do it when they are as bored as me

41. When did you last cry?
can't remember. i think it was in an arguement

42. What's under your bed?
lot's of little dusty balls xD

43. What did you do last night?
claus and me searched for new apps for ipod and iphone

44. What are you scared of?
the dentist

45. Sweet or sour?

46. How many keys are there on your keyring?
2 for my flat, 1 for the elevator 2 for claus's flat, 1 for the trash, 2 for the kung fu school

47. Favourite day of the week?

48. In how many cities have you lived?
1, berlin

49. Do you make friends quickly?
yes but i like more hanging around with people i know

50. Do you have many friends?
there are never more than 3 

51. How many people will you send this to?
no one

52. How many people will write back?

53. Who won't write back?
dunno 2

54. Cat or dog?
dog x3


katziiiii ~


i think this is what people call a new period of life~
on wednesday i went to brandmerch for applying for an intership and wohoo now i have an agreement for 6 month! but i am a bit scared because i am all alone in the design studio >___< and i never had a 9 to 5 job before. but i am really looking forward :D boss showed me the coming projects and 2 really look like fun! the first is building a huge mascot costume( they are supposed to look like huge popcorn in blue xD )and 2 cowboy outfits for gogo girls. so guys, cross your fingers for me on monday!
what kind of food are you taking with you? where are the bento shops in berlin >_< i have no idea... i don't want to spent 6 € for food everyday! 
other good news: i started pupe again! after month of frustration(because they closed my old account and i don't know why) and a big senseless fight with the pupe stuff i started a new one ;_; so if you want, add me :D
<-----just klick :D
and what else~~~ oh yes the second keule showcase. it was fucking crowded! the last people were forced to do party on the corridor! i think the concert was great and sony bmg also because they have an appointment next week! i am really happy for claus&sera^^
trotzdem sollte sich jeder der nicht da war verdammt nochmal was schämen! und das meine ich ernst. gute freunde können nicht kommen aber meine alte deutschlehrerin? is doch traurig oder? =(

and i am very impressed. i ordered last thursday in the evening a bag and shoes from bodyline and they arrived on monday? 3 days over the weekend! crazy! i needed some boots because berlin is winter wonder land -.-